Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hurray- I Met the Deadline!

Hello again fellow 'creatives'!

I am feeling 'over the moon' today, as I have finished the 'Musical Painting' in time for Valentine's Day (by the skin of my teeth... and cutting it a bit fine... if you know what I mean!).
The client was very happy, and so was her partner... I am relieved, if slightly exhausted- but what a lovely commission to do... a real creative treat!

Top Tip: coloured pencils work really well with acrylics when working on canvas paper; I worked on the paint when it was dry, and the 2 mediums really compliment each other.

Here is the painting in progress (I meant to do this as I went along, but there just wasn't the time). The framed image isn't brilliant, it would of been better shot in daylight... but there wasn't the option.

 Hope you enjoy looking at them...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Compositional Drawing

Dear readers,
I've finally drawn out the composition onto the canvas paper, and I'm ready to paint... at last, the fun bit!
It's taken me longer than I had anticipated, due to it's size (50.3 x 42cm- plus bleed!) and complexity (musical instruments are really tricky to draw- thank you 'Grid Method').

It's now Thursday... will I get it done in time? I need to as the client is wanting to give it to her sweet- heart on Monday- Valentine's Day!
I've often had tight deadlines... but this one is pushing it slightly!

I'll up load the painting in it's various stages (this is fun, as it's the first time I've recorded my work in this way!).
p.s Hope it doesn't disappoint!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Musical Painting

Just about to start a new commission for Valentine's Day. 
The client loves the visual... I've now just got to do it.. 
in a week... 
that's a week today...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hi all,
Here I am starting my blog! How exciting!
Watch this space for creative tips and inspiration...