Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Family Love

Hi there 'fellow creatives'!
Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, life has been rather hectic of late...

My last commission, was to do a 10 x 8" coloured- pencil portrait of a beautiful little girl and her grand-parents, for their 80th Birthday. It was then mounted and framed.
The family seemed delighted, which made me very happy- as the commissioner was a dear friend.

'Top Tips':
  • I used a mixture of pencils- both Caran D'Ache and WH Smith (watercolour and blendable). I found the latter to be most preferable, both for colour and application. 
  • I used Fisher 400 Art Paper to work on. It's a fantastic 'ground', as the pencil easily adheres to the fine, sand- paper 'tooth' of the paper.

My next portrait is of a pretty cat, called Eliza, and is again in pencil. But, I can't decide whether to do it in black and white or colour... 
Watch this space to find out!